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About the Degree


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The Master Degree in International Relations is aimed at training a facilitator-mediator skilled in the internationalization process of business, non-profit, NGOs and public institutions.

The course is designed to train graduates with a solid multidisciplinary background, which is essential for analyzing and interpreting the issues related to the international dimension of economic, political and social phenomena.

A professional figure who can offer a competent reading of the international and foreign countries scenarios and is also able to develop and organize the process of internationalization of public and private institutions.


Student Representatives

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Department of Political Science Library “G.Cuomo”: via Leopoldo Rodino 22

Web: biblioteca.scienzepolitiche.unina.it

International Relations is the study of interconnectedness of politics, economics and law on a global level

Master’s Degree in International Relations

Admission and Enrollment Procedures for Foreign Students

This procedure applies to EU as well as non-EU students who have already completed their

first-cycle degree (also referred to as Bachelor’s degree).

All admitted foreign students will have to provide proof of the legal validity of their Bachelor’s degree,

which has to be officially stated by the Italian Authorities in the country where it was released, and, for non-EU students, on condition they are in possession of a Student Visa.


Funding Opportunities

Study in Naples will provide 2-year scholarships to foreign graduate students (or Italians who have obtained the admission certificate abroad) to enroll at International M.Sc. programs at Federico II.

The scholarship is € 5.529,96 per year. A total of ten (10) scholarships will be granted.

Applications must be sent by e-mail to admissions@unina.it  and the deadline is May 11th,  2018.

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